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BNI has been making headlines ever since it launched in the United Kingdom. New records are being broken every month, and Press exposure has been ongoing.

BNI has received much publicity in many of the nations' leading national and regional publications, as well as on the radio and television. To view quotes from these articles select the titles below or for a full copy please contact the national office .

“Early breakfast brings a business giveaway”
BBC - Business Breakfast News

BBC - Business Breakfast News
“These days, exploiting contacts is seen as a smart way to do business”

“Networking can produce profitable and concrete results”

Sky - The Money Channel

Sky - The Money Channel
“It’s good to talk - forget the internet, email and even mail shots - for some businesses when choosing the most effective way of making new contacts the most traditional approach can still be the most effective”.

“BNI - the world leader in word-of-mouth marketing”

“For most companies it (BNI) can prove an essential marketing tool”

GNER Magazine

GNER Magazine
“Business Networking groups are taking the country by storm, and Britain’s savviest professionals are queuing up to join.”

“Business Network International (BNI) can hold the key to the career jackpot”

“Twenty-first-century business is rough, tough and frenetic, and getting into the right networking group might just be the key to long-term business success.”

Yorkshire Post Yorkshire Post
“The fact that most members view it as a high point in their week is clear proof that the approach works. They are winning substantial extra business while their competitors are sleeping.”
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal
“With many small businesses scrambling to weather the recession, the networking business is thriving.... Business people realise that in this tough economy they’ve got to do some extra things”
New York Times New York Times
“We’ve had some tremendous stories. There is a printer in our group who met a real estate egent...... That agency wanted to switch its printing and they gave him this job...... It was more than a $100,000 job”
Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
“Networking is far from peaking......
(People) need to network to get business”
Business Weekly Magazine Business Weekly Magazine
“Business Network International........
an organisation that offers highly motivated business people a weekly, no-nonsense breakfast that virtually guarantees them customer leads”
Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur Magazine
“A structured Word-of-Mouth marketing programme that turns people into sales representatives for your company”.
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