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Real Life Success Stories

......"The Royal Bank of Scotland has supported BNI over the past 3 years and found it to be a lucrative source of new referral business for us"
Jason Oakley - Royal Bank of Scotland

....."In 6 years, we have received £1,600,000 of business as a result of BNI membership. The great thing about BNI is that your chapter members become your unpaid sales force"
Sobell Rhodes - Chartered Accountants

....."Between October 1999 and October 2003 we have received over EUR346,000 in fee income from BNI referrals"
Colin Whelan - Guardian Management Accounting

....."In my 2 years as a member of BNI, I've learnt new skills, taken my startup business from 6 to 56 clients and doubled my turnover - I couldn't have done this without BNI"
Dave Ogden - Jameson Lomax IT Support

These are some of the comments that BNI members have been making in BNI groups all over The United Kingdom and Ireland in the last 2 years!

You can read about these and many more success stories by clicking on SuccessNet, our quarterly BNI news magazine, which is full of information about BNI Chapters, stories of members successes, and tips on networking and growing your business. SuccessNet is provided free of charge to all BNI members.

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