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Revving up a gear in the BNI game...

Tue 18 August 2009

The race is on at BNI Lighthouse Chapter in Northampton. They've ignited their creative juices and added a new twist to the BNI game. Over the six weeks from August 7 to September 11, they've been put into teams and are racing to be first past the post.

But instead of just gaining points for positive actions like referrals, visitors, 1-2-1's and testimonials, they are also losing points for negative ones, for example, being absent without a sub or turning up late. But here's where things take a new turn, the points for referrals vary each week. Someone is invited (usually a visitor) to draw a number out of a hat that determines the actual point value. This can be anything from a mere 5 to a massive 50 points per referral.

Points are then added up over the week and team points awarded in much the same way as in a real Grand Prix. The team who is at the top of the leader board at the end of the season will be crowned the winner and we're told there are lavish prizes in store ... to say nothing of the impact this activity will have on the Chapter and the business done within it!

Everyone in the chapter is fired up to win and when you see the fantastic game board created by Lighthouse's graphic designer Barry Silverman, it's no wonder. Magnetic cars decorated with the team names are carefully positioned on the track, so you can see at a glance whose leading the way.

Barry's memory hook is 'BSP ... where good design gets you noticed' and if this game board is anything to go by, then his clients must definitely stand head and shoulders above their competitors!

Picture information: Barry Silverman holds his grand prix game board aloft, ably assisted by fellow chapter member and copywriter Lynne Dickens.

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