Membership Kit

All Membership items are available through your Chapter Director


BNI Badges


Such a simple piece of kit, but members always find it makes a useful talking point to kickstart the networking process. And for other BNI members, it's a sign that you are part of the 'family' - one BNI member from the UK was accosted on a flight to Malaysia by another member who recognised the badge, and ended up making some influential overseas contacts through their chance meeting.

Business Card Albums

Business Card Albums

The card album is one of the BNI member's most important tools, and is always stocked with plenty of the other Chapter members' business cards, ready to be passed on for referrals. Many members increase their chances of success by ordering additional albums for their partners or business associates.

Card Holders


The cardholder may not seem particularly useful, but it serves two very important functions: firstly it demonstrates to chapter guests that the chapter is a coherent and professional unit, working together for business, and secondly it acts as a useful ice-breaker, giving visitors some initial information about your business, as a starting point for effective networking.

New Members' Manual

New Members' Manual

A fully comprehensive guide given to all members at their orientation training. Few people are natural Networkers so this guide and training ensures that you make the most from your membership.